But York – nor almost anyone else – proves incapable of succeeding against Kelly Mengelkoch’s Queen Margaret. This is a character that is ruthless, ferocious and capable of extraordinary violence. And Mengelkoch inhabits her so fully that it’s as if she has been possessed by her. I suspect that this is one of those performances that people will talk about for years to come.  

David Lyman

Kelly Mengelkoch is a force of nature as momma bear Queen Margaret.

Rob Bucher

The Mengelkochs are still at it.

David Lyman

Mengelkoch brings a calming and almost beatific quality to the role. The moment she walks on the stage, everything seems to change – for Merrick, to be sure, but also for us. It’s as if we’ve been holding our breath and are finally allowed to exhale.

David Lyman

Mengelkoch remains one of our cities greatest theatrical treasures; her portrayal here is pitch-perfect.

Kirk Sheppard

Kelly Mengelkoch gives the role a delightfully matter-of-fact demeanor, a woman supremely confident with her own femininity who recognizes Merrick’s noble nature and his desire to live normally.

Rick Pender